Monday, March 5, 2012

The Webb Family's 20-Year Vision

In twenty years Dad and I will be in our 50s.  We will be healthy, energetic, and deeply in love with other.  Our children will probably be in college or serving missions.  Maybe a couple kids will be married, and they may have a child or two of their own.  They may be just finishing up school, or going on to post-graduate work. Or they may have chosen a unique path—different from formal schooling, but in every case our children are gradually discovering their unique, personal life missions and putting their lives in place to fulfill them. 

I imagine our extended family getting together in the glory of summertime.  I imagine majestic mountains, dirt roads, deep blue lakes, tall pine trees, long grasses, wild flowers, wide open spaces, and rustic cabins or simple tents—surrounded by the beauty of nature--to hike, bike, swim and/or climb together.  I imagine being inspired by the scenery of God’s creations as we enjoy using our amazing bodies.  I imagine sharing ideas and stories from the books we’ve read or from life’s lessons as we spend time together.  I will feel immense satisfaction from having the whole family together again—I will compare it to what Heaven must be like.   I will be humbled at the growth and wisdom of my children, of whom I’ve learned to respect and admire at a whole new level.

At the end of a full day we’ll watch the sun set, build a roaring campfire, and cook some delicious meal to share.  We have learned to survive in the outdoors, and we all feel very much at home out here in nature.  After the dishes are cleaned and put away, we’ll gather everyone together around the campfire with an instrument or two and sing songs of fun and inspiration.  We’ll toast marshmallows and pass around snacks.  The grandchildren (if any) will listen or join in as the adults tell jokes, share stories, and discuss life.  We’ll laugh and cry together.  We’ll stay up late.  We are each other’s best friends.  When it’s time to turn in we’ll join in a circle to pray, asking God to bless our family.  We feel a deep satisfaction and sense of joy from being together.  We will love and support each other in this journey called life, wherever it may lead us.

Composed 3/2012.  Inspired by A House United, by Nicholeen Peck

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